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Content Creation

Today's artists need to be releasing content on a regular basis to keep their audience engaged and excited. Major artists are now releasing singles every month or so and we think this is the future of music.  Here's how Red Barn Studio Monthly Day Rate options work.  

Schedule a day

Pick a day that works for you.  We typically work Monday through Friday 9 am - 4 pm with a small lunch break if we need it.  We can always order in and keep working. After talking about expectations and goals, we'll settle on a date and get it on the calendar.

Pick 2 things to work on

Now the fun part.  During your 7 hours of studio time we can work on two things you choose.  


  - track a full song (this usually will be tracking most band elements "live" then overdubbing vocals, etc)

  - shoot a live session style video (two camera shoot with full audio and video treatment) Examples

  - set up your band and record "live demos"

  - shoot a "behind the song" interview video

  - track drums for your project on our API console

  - If it involves recording music, shooting video, or even photography, we can cover it.

We'll spend the day together and in a few days you will have fresh new content for your fanbase.

 * all of these options include some post production, mixing, and delivering final mix.  If content created during the day requires significant post production work an hourly rate will be applied.

The details

So, how much will all this cost?  The short answer is $600 -$900 ** / month depending on what you want to accomplish.   Instead of the typical model of saving up thousands of dollars before pulling the trigger on a single or EP,  you can consistently release fresh new content to your fans.  I'm currently accepting 4 artists / bands to be a part of this promotion.   Sign up for 3 recurring months and receive a 10% discount.  If you're ready to start consistently releasing content to your fans, reach out with the form below.


- Jason

** price dependent on a few different factors.  For example, two videos for the day will run a bit more than one audio track and one video shoot and requires more editing on the backend etc..  We'll talk through all of this on the front end and you'll know exactly what you're paying before we get to work.

Reach out about RBS Monthly Content Creation Packages

Thanks for submitting!

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