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Production / Tracking / Mixing

Releasing new music can be a daunting task.  In todays complicated music scene you need a guide to help you through all the steps.  At Red Barn Studio we can help you put your best foot forward.  From pre-production to final masters and delivery we're here to help.  Plus, we have some of the best analog gear on the planet that brings that extra vibe to your tracks.  We've built Red Barn Studio to be a welcoming and comfortable environment to help bring the music in your head to life. Go ahead and reach out using the form down below and let's get your music out! Check out our Instagram to get a feel of what it's like to work out of Red Barn Studio.





We love creating content that show how awesome you are.  We work with artists and small business that want to put their best foot forward online.  In today's photo / video-centric world you need to have some nice content on the web.  We can help you craft anything from a 30 second fast paced video to a five minute full length mini documentary or creative photography for your social media needs.  Bottom line, we love creating content and think the future is definitely full of video and head turning photos. Reach out with the form below and let us know you are looking content!


Some of our clients

General Electric 
Onyx Coffee Lab
University of Arkansas
John Crist
Banner and Oak

Arkansas Children's NW

Fayetteville Roots Festival
The Walton Arts Center
New Life Ranch
Lake Street Dive

The Amazeum

Laneshift Mobility

High Street Real Estate

The Steel Wheels

Open Road Campers

Wrights BBQ

Uptown Fayetteville

Gregory Alan Isakov
Joe Purdy
Nicholas Edward Williams
The Philadelphia Eagles
Andy Mineo
Diamonds Worship

TRS Healthcare

NICA Arkansas

Grace Church of Alma

99 Balloons

Proverbs 31

The Blue Man Group

We partner with ONYX coffee lab here in Northwest Arkansas to produce brew guides for all their coffee offerings.  

We worked with Gregory and his band through our relationship with the Fayetteville Roots Festival.  This video is a great example of how we work with artists to create "live sessions".

This project for Riggins Construction required multiple shoot locations, VO work, and drone photography to bring together a cohesive story for Rodeo of the Ozarks.

Bayard Guitars home base is an amazing spot in Fayetteville where Bayard crafts his acoustic instruments.  We stopped by for a visit and to film a little piece for him.

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Jason has been creating art since purchasing his first 4 track tape recorder during his college days.  He successfully navigated the grunge rock era and the rise of boy bands in the late 90's and came out relatively unharmed.  Now he's focusing on what he loves to do best, helping you the artist find your musical voice and create something amazing.  When you "book" a project at Red Barn you also get someone to partner with and help guide you on your creative journey.  

Whether you're looking for top shelf audio production or a nice video piece to highlight your brand, we can help.  Red Barn exists to help you and your brand create something amazing in a comfortable environment. Our team of video professionals can produce exactly what you have in mind.  Use the form below to get the conversation started!  

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Kevin is a Northwest Arkansas native.  He got his feet wet in the music industry as the front man for the band “The Wedding” .  The Wedding signed a record contract with Rambler Records (later Brave New World Records) in 2004.  Several songs off of their debut album “The Wedding” became Christian radio hits.  Their songs also appeared in over 30 T.V. episodes.  Their Sophomore effort “Polarity” hit the United States Billboard Christian Albums chart and heat-seekers chart.  Kevin received a gold record for his guest vocal spot on Relient K’s “MMHMM” album.   


Though he sits in the production seat, he knows intimately where the artist is coming from.  His goal is to give your songs the full attention they deserve from inception to final master.  To draw your full potential out and leave you with a final product that you’re proud to share with the world.


When he’s not in the studio, he’s with his wife Jessica and three beautiful girls.  They enjoy cycling, coffee and spontaneous adventures.

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Professional Camera Equipment



Alex has loved  being behind a camera for several years now. He started off shooting events, but slowly moved towards product photography. Throughout the past couple of years, Alex has had the opportunity to shoot for many international brands that have been used for social media and website content.


Outside of his photography and editing knowledge, Alex is highly effective at strategizing, producing, and creating social media content to engage your target audience in the best way possible. Whenever he is done with work, you can usually find him at a nearby disc golf course or tennis court.

Vintage Cameras



Spencer got his first camera for Christmas at the age of 12. During college he has found his way back into filmmaking and photography. He has worked for many companies, churches and organizations.


He is currently a marketing student at the university of Arkansas. He specializes in working alongside companies in capturing the best content to be used in modern day marketing. 


During his free time you will find him hanging with friends, drinking coffee and maybe even eating Chick-Fil A. 




John grew up with a plethora of instruments in his hands. From Piano to Guitar, Bass to Drums, he’s always been making noise. For the last few years, he’s played in multiple bands from church, college, and the Northwest Arkansas area, constantly surrounding himself with artists and creatives as he’s grown his craft. John had his first studio experiences while interning in Franklin, Tennessee with the Creak Music and David Leonard, bringing back with him a love for the intricacies of the arrangement and production of an artist’s vision. 


John loves to sit in front of the console, helping sessions run smoothly and supporting an environment for the artist to create. He brings energy and rhythm to your songs while maintaining the nuance of your unique vision. He is passionate about taking your song from wherever it currently is across the finish line, co-developing a product that stands out from the crowd.


 When he’s not at Red Barn, John can be found at a coffee shop, in a writing session, building recording equipment, or chasing his dog with his wife. 


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Over 100 five star google reviews


Singer / Songwriter

It was both an honor and pleasure to work with the guys at Red Barn Studio. Throughout the recording project, I was constantly impressed with the level of respect, knowledge, and professionalism.


Onyx Coffee Lab

Have worked extensively with them via Onyx Coffee Lab and don't really want to work with anyone else behind the camera.


The Amazeum

Jason is very easy to work with and listens to the client, then suggests ways to amplify the content. Jason and team understand the creative process is not one-size-fits all.


Recording Artist

The guys at Red Barn are top notch. Very professional. Very personable. If you're needing a place to create in NW AR, you can trust these guys with your vision



Jason has done a fantastic job of working with US to create content that captures the story of what our organization does.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the videos are worth a million!


The band Oh Jeremiah

Jason is a gifted producer, videographer, and overall creator. His studio is a haven for making art and he is so easy to work with.